I love Starbucks!!! They are of excellent quality and even though the price is pricier compared to Tim Hortons, it is definitely worth the extra couple of dollars. With summer rolling along well it should be but the weather isn’t really co-operating, it is time to get those wallet ready and venture along there great variety of frappuccinos and cold drinks.  The Starbucks staff will be sure to make a drink that suits your taste buds with the endless customization you can do. While you’re with your friends or it it’s a hot summer day, why not grab a drink and just relax under the sun.

One of the new drinks that I tried is their new Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino. It is soo good, that I even ordered a venti size.  Oh well forget about dieting, it is just too good to resist and the temptations just got a hold of me. I loved it as soon as I tried it and it is my new favourite along side their caramel frappucino. It is like enjoying a piece of cookie and milk but now with a twist of coffee. It works and you should try it too if you’re looking for a new drink.


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